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The Internet is here to stay and most companies use computers, have a networks and applications. The question is are you ready for digitalization of products and services?

Over the past decades we have seen many physical products being replaced by software. Customers now have access to global markets and can get products delivered from almost anywhere in the world to their doorstep. This brings a challenge for local companies and if you it is only a problem in retail you might be in for a big surprise.

The trend in services we see going forward will definitely cross borders. The financial industry is about to be revolutionized with crypto currency and smart contracts. This shift does not necessarily has to be a treat for your business. There lies also a lot of opportunities for your service also to cross borders to a market of billions of people.

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Digital questions

Is your IT organization ready for this change?  Do you want to transform your IT department into a professional service that will help your business accelerate in the digital era? LeanCuraçao can help you with:

Digital Strategy

IT’s role in the development and execution of business strategy has grown significantly in the era of digital transformation.

IT Management

Transform your IT department into a state of the art service that delivers projects on time and with high quality.

IT Project Management

Do you need to implement a new tool, let us help you. No more IT projects with years delay, delaying your business improvements.

Information Security and Privacy

Your IT department needs to adhere to latest security and privacy regulations. Your team needs help to get up to speed.

our promise


do IT project management with modern methodologies
have years of experience with compliancy
focus on the doing things right the first time
keep documentation at the minimum that is required

Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves.

Satya Nadella